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M & K Construction has one of the best teams in the construction field. We have a qualified team of engineers, architects and contractors. All of the members work together to create something special for our customers. We limit the number of projects we do so that all our members can dedicate their full attention to each customer at a time. We believe a customer deserves all of our companies resources for their work.

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FREE Consultation

We try our best to give honest and accurate answers to all our customers. If we can't do the job we will refer someone to you to do your job. We believe in transparency. We provide free estimates for all our customers. We are very lenient with the prices and will try our very best not to lose you. Call us for a free estimate for your next job.



exterior work

All our exterior work are done by experienced workers who have been with our company for a very long time. They know what materials or quantity is suited for a job. That is the reason we do our jobs very fast and efficiently. Call us for your next exterior job. We guarantee all our works.

Bathroom or kitchen renovation

We believe in a house the bathroom and kitchen should be the most beatiful thing in someone's house. These two places are the most useful thing there is in a house. Call us for your next renovation job.

Featured Services

all our work is guaranteed.

We provide all types of construction work from exterior to interior renovation. We specialize in all types of brownstone work. We do all types of painting, cement work, steps, tiling, flooring, waterproofing, steps and other services. We are very fast and efficient. If you need a proposal we will get it to you the next day and we will start the job right away. We guarantee all our works, so you will be headache free and be insured about your job.

Our clients and their representatives are always treated with courtesy, patience and respect. They know that they will always be treated fairly and are getting a great value on their investment.